Company Overview

Providing Mental Health Resources for Healthcare Facilities and Individuals

mental health resources

Since 2019, Integrated Psych Solutions has provided an integrated model of care offering quality mental health resources to supplement those of healthcare organizations. We offer a dedicated team of mental health professionals to healthcare facilities, to address the emotional, cognitive, and psychological needs of medical patients. We also offer outpatient therapy services for patients with or without a referral. Learn more about our services below.

More for Your Facility, Patients, and Staff

Our integrated, early-intervention approach results in increased patient success and satisfaction, reduced length of stay, decreased burden on support staff, increased utilization within the facility, and improved pharmacy usage.

Our carefully selected psychologists, neuropsychologists, therapists, psychometricians, and psychiatrists maintain appropriate coverage, following patients throughout their stay and providing assessment, therapy, and medication management. We manage our own provider base and handle our own billing, meaning our services don’t lead to extra costs for your facility. Learn more about our services here.

Transition Care with Outpatient Mental Health Resources

We make it easy for patients to seek additional mental health services as needed. With or without a referral, patients can reach out and connect with one of our skilled therapists. We work to match patients with a therapist that suits their situation and personality style, resulting in a deep, trusting connection that enhances the opportunity for positive outcomes. We offer in-person sessions at our Augusta, GA facility and telehealth sessions for patients all over the U.S. Schedule an appointment here.

Connect with Integrated Psych Solutions

When you’re looking for quality mental health resources, we’re here to help. We’d love to hear more about the needs of your healthcare facility or get you scheduled for an appointment with our skilled therapists. Reach out to us here to discuss the integrated healthcare model for your facility or schedule a counseling appointment here.

Ready to Upgrade Your Behavioral Health Program?

Integrated Psychology Solutions helps create a high-quality integrated care team at your facility. With our help, you’ll feel relief from the stress of constantly putting out fires related to mental health cases, and your facility will become a recognized industry innovator in mental health.

To learn more about Integrated Psychology Solutions, schedule a free consultation with one of our team’s leaders.