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Connecting You With a Qualified Mental Health Practitioner

Integrated Psych Solutions provides both inpatient and outpatient mental health services, supporting patients throughout the care journey. In the inpatient setting, our mental health practitioners work with your doctors and support staff to understand your unique challenges, offering medication management and talk therapy services. We also provide outpatient therapy and medication management services, with or without a referral from a specialist. Learn more about our specific services below.

outpatient mental health services

Outpatient Services/Schedule an Appointment

Integrated Psych Solutions offers quality outpatient mental health services, with or without a referral.

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Our billing system makes it easy to know exactly what you’re responsible for. Make a payment to Integrated Psych Solutions here.

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Inpatient Services — During Your Stay

Using an integrated healthcare model, we can help patients like you heal faster and decrease the length of your hospital stay.

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