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Integrated Psych Solutions is a behavioral health platform focused on partnering with mental health practices across the country. Our integrated healthcare model proactively addresses the emotional, cognitive, psychological, and mental health of patients after a new medical diagnosis.

We provide new patient screening, neurocognitive testing, talk therapy, and medication management to mitigate emotional and cognitive stressors. Doing this increases patient success and satisfaction, reduces the length of their hospital stay, mitigates the burden on staff, increases utilization within the hospital, and improves pharmacy utilization.

Become One of Our Integrated Healthcare Facilities

Your facility could partner with us to improve the patient and staff experience. We manage our own provider base and handle our own billing, meaning you won’t incur an additional operational burden. We are an integrated 24/7 partner for your facility committed to helping your patients succeed in their treatment. Reach out to us here to partner with us today.