integrated care services

Hear What Our Partners Have to Say About Our Integrated Care Services

Integrated Psych Solutions partners with healthcare facilities to bring an integrated, early intervention approach that addresses the emotional, cognitive, and psychological needs of medical patients. Our professionals unite with your staff to provide holistic mental healthcare, from initial intake and neurocognitive testing to talk therapy and medication management. Learn what our partners have to say about our integrated care services below.


Bring Integrated Care Services to Your Facility

Studies show incorporating mental health services quickly after a diagnosis can improve the patient’s experience. Quality mental health intervention can increase patient success and satisfaction, reduce length of stay, mitigate the burden on support staff, increase utilization within your facility, and improve pharmacy utilization.

When you’re ready to institute integrated care services in your facility, we’re here to help. Contact us here.

Ready to Upgrade Your Behavioral Health Program?

Integrated Psychology Solutions helps create a high-quality integrated care team at your facility. With our help, you’ll feel relief from the stress of constantly putting out fires related to mental health cases, and your facility will become a recognized industry innovator in mental health.

To learn more about Integrated Psychology Solutions, schedule a free consultation with one of our team’s leaders.