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Enhance the Patient Experience with Integrated Mental Health Services

Integrated Psych Solutions is committed to providing integrated mental health services to enhance patient experience. A new medical diagnosis can cause substantial emotional and cognitive challenges for patients and their loved ones. Implementing integrated mental health services can mitigate these stressors, positively impacting both patients and staff. Early intervention can increase patient success and satisfaction, reduce length of stay, mitigate the burden on support staff, increase utilization within your facility, and improve medication adherence.

Why Work with Integrated Psych Solutions?

We place dedicated providers in your facility that operate as part of your care team. Composed of psychologists, neuropsychologists, therapists, psychometricians, and psychiatrists, our team follows patients throughout their stay by providing assessment, therapy, and medication management. We can also follow patients post-discharge, which ultimately reduces the burden on acute care facilities.

We manage our own provider base, handle our own billing, and develop an integrated approach with your healthcare team. Learn more about our specific care facility partnerships below or contact one of our helpful team members for more information.

inpatient mental health

Inpatient Setting

A proactive approach to inpatient mental health greatly benefits both patients and staff at your healthcare facility. Learn more here.

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cancer mental health support

Cancer Care

Incorporating cancer mental health support services into your facility results in better outcomes for patients and staff. Learn more here.

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women’s mental health services

Women’s Health

Providing women’s mental health services in your facility can lead to better outcomes for patients and staff. Learn more here.

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bariatric surgery counseling

Bariatric Care

Incorporating bariatric surgery counseling into your healthcare facility can positively impact both patients and staff. Learn more here.

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