FLORIDA, September 5, 2023 – Integrated Psych Solutions (IPS), headquartered in
Augusta, GA, and Access Discount Healthcare (ADHC) of Northwest Florida, have
announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at addressing the critical need for
mental health services among inmates of the Florida county jail system. This strategic
alliance not only seeks to provide essential mental health care to incarcerated individuals
but also make a significant impact on reducing recidivism rates through proactive
mental health intervention.

ADHC began working with the NWF Health
Network based in Tallahassee, FL in 2022 to deliver
virtual behavioral health services. The goal is to
extend their reach to those who are often
underserved and overlooked, both in Florida
communities and the state’s country jails, said
Jeffrey Greco CEO of ADHC. By joining forces, IPS
and ADHC seek to bridge the gap in mental health
care that exists in the corrections environment
and make a positive difference in the lives of

Studies have shown that proactive mental health care can play a pivotal role in reducing
recidivism rates among incarcerated individuals. By addressing underlying mental health
issues and providing therapeutic support during incarceration, IPS and ADHC aim to
break the cycle of repeat offenses and offer inmates a real chance at successful
reintegration into society.

“Recognizing the immense challenges faced by inmates in accessing mental health
support, we are excited to collaborate with Access Discount Healthcare to bring our
expertise and compassionate care into the Florida county jail system,” said Clayton
Swalstad, CEO of Integrated Psych Solutions. “Our mission is to improve the well-being of
all individuals, and this partnership allows us to reach a vulnerable population that is
often in dire need of mental health services.”

The integration of mental health services into non-behavioral health focused systems like
jails is a vital step towards breaking down the barriers that prevent inmates from
accessing needed care. By partnering with Florida county jails, IPS and ADHC aim to
seamlessly incorporate mental health support into the existing correctional
infrastructure, ensuring that no inmate is left behind in their journey towards better
mental well-being.

With IPS’s extensive network of licensed mental health professionals and ADHC’s highly
optimized call-center, this collaboration promises to break down barriers that have long
hindered mental health care for incarcerated individuals. By offering virtual chat therapy
sessions, IPS and ADHC can ensure continuity of care and address the mental health
needs of inmates in a safe, confidential, and effective manner.

Both IPS and ADHC are excited about the potential impact this partnership will have on
the mental well-being of incarcerated individuals in the Florida county jail system.

About Integrated Psych Solutions (IPS):
Founded in Augusta, GA, Integrated Psych Solutions has outpatient locations in Georgia
and Florida. Committed to providing compassionate and evidence-based care, IPS offers
a comprehensive range of mental health services through licensed therapists and
psychologists in inpatient and outpatient settings.

About Access Discount Healthcare (ADHC):
Access Discount Healthcare, is a pioneering telehealth therapy provider operating in 18
Northwest Florida counties. ADHC offers virtual therapy sessions to qualified uninsured
individuals, completely free of charge, with the mission of improving mental health
access and outcomes in the region.